Procedural Modeling in Houdini for the Beginning Game Designer

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Creating Procedural Terrain Assets for Unreal Engine Or Unity

One of the easiest ways to start creating Unreal Engine assets is by exploring landscape creation. In this first lesson, we show how to create terrains in Houdini that can integrate into Unreal Engine or Unity. Houdini uses heightfields for procedural landscape generation. We explore all the different procedural tools that Houdini has for landscapes. We learn how to use heightfield noise, Heightfield Re-Map, create masks that become layers, and much more advanced techniques. We know how to develop tools that use Houdini Engine that will work well in a game development pipeline.

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UVs and UV Mapping in Houdini

As a 3D artist, we need to have a solid understanding of UV Maps. The easiest way to think about what UVs are is that they are a flattened 2D version of our geometry. We need to have UVs if we want to apply custom texture maps that follow our geometry.

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Learn Advanced Procedural Modeling Techniques with Houdini.

Asset Bash has several tutorials that teach advanced procedural modeling techniques. With over 18 years of building tools with Houdini learn techniques refined over time.

Our courses provide crucial information for the new Houdini Artist. Learn how to create procedural UV maps. Learn how to detail your models with additional elements. Learn the art of texturing for games and visual effects.

Our courses offer an introduction to 3D modeling and creating materials in Houdini. We learn how to create high-quality models and create procedural UV maps. We explore how to create vertex mask that we can use in Unreal Engine Materials.

Learn to Create Procedural Models with our Course on Building A Billboard Generator

Houdini Engine Digital Asset Billboard Creator
Houdini Engine in Unity

Explore This Introductory Houdini Tutorial Designed For Industry Professionals, 3d Modelers In The Movie Industry, And Game Development

This course covers everything from how to build 3d procedural models to advanced techniques for procedural uv creation. This Houdini tutorial procedural modeling of the billboard generator will take you from a beginner to an intermediate Houdini user. We will learn how to use the edit parameter interface to create artist-friendly editing. We cover an advanced level of Houdini’s proceduralism by learning how to harness the power of NURBS. To truly master the fundamentals of making procedural models we need a good understanding of when to use polygons or NURBS.

We explore in detail how to procedural uv our 3d models. When learning how to procedural model and create procedural assets, we need a solid understanding of how to create procedural UV maps.

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Begin your procedural modeling adventures with this basic to intermediate Houdini tutorial. Watch this course here

Why Should I Take the Asset Bash Procedural Modeling Lessons?

Asset Bash Houdini tutorial procedural modeling covers the fundamentals to enhance your Houdini knowledge. With over 20+ years in the animation industry as a computer artist, our tutorials are designed for industry professionals. Asset Bash offers content to increase artists’ ability to master procedural modeling in Houdini.

Take a Deep Dive into Materials with MaterialX

Materials in Houdini Solaris

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Explore our series on rendering with Solaris in Houdin focused on materials for Universal Scene Description. This content covers the settings needed to get photographic lighting and create successful renderings in Solaris.

In the first part of this course, we look at setting up our scene in Solaris, and in the second part, our content covers more techniques on building shaders with MaterialX. The third part will focus on reproducing the renders in Unreal Engine.

Watch lesson one for free here

Watch lesson two for free here

What Is Important to Understand When First Learning 3D in Houdini?

Is Learning Houdini Hard?

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