Rendering With Karma, MaterialX, and Solaris with Houdini One

Rendering With Karma, MaterialX, and Solaris with Houdini One

The first lesson in our course explores lighting, rendering, and material creation with Solaris and Houdini. Explore Houdini and Universal Scene Description inspired by the beautiful simplicity of the designs of Dieter Rams.

In Lesson One we learn how to correctly import our scene into Solaris. Once imported we look at the Universal Scene Graph. It is important to understand how Houdini and USD use the Name Attribute We then start creating materials for our geometry. For material creation, we will use MaterialX. MaterialX allows us to exchange shaders with other applications like Autodesk Maya. Once we create our basic materials, we add in a camera and area lights. We then set up basic lighting.

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Rendering In Solaris

Lesson Two

In lesson two we dive further into MaterialX and add in texture maps. We then create 3D noise and learn how we can use it for creating the brushed metal effect. We also re-examine and improve the rough translucency shader.

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In this first lesson, we look at the foundational skills needed. It is important to have a strong understanding of attributes in Houdini. We also begin our investigation of For Loops. We cover how to use Houdini’s Point and Primitive Attributes.

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