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Houdini Game Development Tools

Access Houdini Digital Assets built with Houdini Engine. Our tools work with Unreal Engine and Unity..

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Houdini Game Development Tools

The Asset Bash Houdini Game Development Toolset

Asset Bash has an ever-growing library of Houdini Digital Assets designed for game development and open world-building. Our Houdini game development toolset has tools for building hard surface assets from cities to street props.

The Asset Bash Houdini Game Development Toolset

The tools created by Asset Bash have been in development since 2011. Built by a long-time Houdini user, originally they were a set of game development tools built with Houdini Operator Type Libraries. The tools started with a simple road generator and now encompass a large variety of tools. Designed with game developers in mind but can be used to create high-resolution assets for commercial or film production.

asset bash 3d highway sign generators hd 002
asset bash 3d rooftop sign generator uhd 002
asset bash 3d billboard generator hd 001


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asset bash 3d billboard generator

3D Sign Generators

Enhance your 3D Worlds with the Asset Bash 3D Procedural Sign Generators. Our tools help bring a level of realism to your 3D environments by creating a diversity of 3D modeled signs.

How to Create 3D Models For the Metaverse with the Asset Bash Houdini Digital Assets

Out procedural Tools are designed to be used with the Unreal or Unity Game Engine. The library is broken down into different categories.

City Generators – Create cities procedurally in a variety of ways. Use RGB Maps to define city grid layouts or use generated patterns to quickly create cityscapes.

Asset Bash has several tutorials showing how to use our Houdini Game Development Tools. All our Houdini Digital Assets are designed to generate procedural 3D models optimized for game engines.

Simplify your workflow with our Houdini assets. Designed by Houdini users with over 15 years of creating technical art.

The Asset Bash Gamedev Toolset is designed to allow artists to easily create game assets for designing and decorating urban landscapes. Need signs for your 3D cities? Just generate your own with sliders. Need to create a high-detail mesh, just change the resolution on the fly.

Our Houdini assets can help a small studio by giving artists the ability to quickly model a large variety of props. Avoid hours of modeling your own assets or altering purchased 3D models for variety. The Asset Bash Houdini Game Development Toolset is designed for ease of use.

Asset Bash has several tutorials to help users learn Houdini game modeling techniques. Learn how to create professional tools for game development. Learn how to master procedural 3d modeling. Learn how to optimize your models for the game engine.

Start with creating Houdini Landscapes for Game Development. Learn how to procedurally model landscapes and create engine-friendly gamedev tools.

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For a more advanced 3D Modeling Course take Master 3D Procedural Modeling | Creating A Billboard Generator With Houdini. Learn to build your own game development toolset with this series of tutorials. This course will take your procedural modeling skills from beginner to intermediate. Take your modeling skills for game development in Houdini to the next level. Learn advanced NURBS-based techniques. Learn how to take an idea and built for easy world-building for game developers

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