Simple 3D Point Transformations in Houdini

In this beginner’s lesson, we examine the Position Attribute in Houdini. The position attribute is the cartesian coordinate of the points that create the geometry. We show how to use the Scatter Sop to scatter points across the surface of geometry. We then look at how we can scatter an equal number of points on two pieces of geometry and animate a blend between the two. This technique is called point morphing.

Once we have set up a basic point morph, we learn how we can introduce color. Houdini uses the name Cd to define a color attribute. We then add the ability to blend colors in our point morph. We then bring the scene into Solaris and set up a simple render.

Simple 3D Point Transformations in Houdini

Simple 3D Point Transformations in Houdini

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In this first lesson, we look at the foundational skills needed. It is important to have a strong understanding of attributes in Houdini. We also begin our investigation of For Loops. We cover how to use Houdini’s Point and Primitive Attributes.

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