How to Create 3D Models For the Metaverse with the Asset Bash Houdini Digital Assets

Houdini Digital Assets Built On A Game Development Foundation

Our journey into the realm of 3D modeling tools began in 2011 when we set out to create game assets for Cry Engine. At that time, Houdini Digital Assets were known as Operator Type Libraries, marking a significant revelation for the industry. Houdini lived up to its promise, offering the ability to create truly reusable tools. Since 2011, these tools have found applications in diverse fields, from building Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Applications to creating content for Virtual Production and Live Events.

These powerful tools were developed by Jordan Halsey, a veteran with over 25 years of experience in 3D Design and Production. Jordan is an educator, teaching Houdini, Unreal Engine, and Projection Mapping at the prestigious University of Southern California in the John C Hench School of Animation. Additionally, he serves as the director of The Ganek Immersive Studio, an XR-centered Lab in the School of Cinematic Arts.

asset bash 3d billboard generator

3D Sign Generators

Enhance your 3D Worlds with the Asset Bash 3D Procedural Sign Generators. Our tools help bring a level of realism to your 3D environments by creating a diversity of 3D modeled signs.

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We Built the Asset Bash 3D Game Development Tools to Create 3D Worlds for the Metaverse

At Asset Bash, our mission is rooted in a deep commitment to building virtual worlds for the metaverse. We wholeheartedly embrace the latest technologies, leveraging the power of Universal Scene Description and GLTF to drive the next generation of Web 3 Applications.

Unlike traditional kit-bashing approaches, our 3D Modeling tools offer a more flexible and customizable experience. With Asset Bash, you have the freedom to create assets exactly as you envision them. You control the resolution and level of detail, ensuring a tailor-made asset that fits seamlessly into your metaverse. Leveraging instancing wherever possible, our tools optimize efficiency and performance, guaranteeing a smooth workflow.

Our Houdini Digital Assets work directly in Unreal Engine and Unity

One of the standout features of Asset Bash Houdini Digital Assets is their direct compatibility with both Unreal Engine and the Unity Game Development Platform. Seamlessly integrated, these tools open up a world of possibilities for designers and creators across both engines.

What Does This Mean?

All of our tools offer multiple material and UV creation styles appropriate to the game engine of your choice. The Asset Bash Houdini Digital Assets create materials and UV Lightmaps. Our tools come with predefined materials native to Unreal Engine or Unity, ensuring a quick start for your projects. Of course, it’s easy to change materials to your own or utilize the materials that Asset Bash provides.

Empower Your Metaverse with Seamless 3D Assets: No Modeling Experience Needed

Introducing Asset Bash Houdini Digital Assets

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3D City Generators

Our 3D Procedural City Generators can create a variety of cities in Unity Or Unreal Engine. 

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Enhance your metaverse journey with Asset Bash Houdini Digital Assets, a comprehensive set of tools designed to effortlessly create 3D assets. The best part? You don’t need any prior 3D modeling experience! These artist-friendly sliders enable intuitive adjustments, making it a breeze to customize assets to your liking. Whether you require a larger sign or updated UV maps, Asset Bash has you covered. Unlock the potential to construct cities, buildings, signs, street props, roof props, architectural elements, and much more with ease.

Unleash Your Creativity with Asset Bash

As a subscription service tailored for metaverse designers, Asset Bash offers an array of powerful 3D modeling software and plugins. The Asset Bash Houdini Digital Assets empower users to craft intricate 3D assets without the complexity typically associated with applications like 3ds Max, Maya, or Blender, which cater to 3D modeling specialists and software developers. With Asset Bash’s Houdini Digital Assets, you can seamlessly integrate 3D modeling capabilities into Unity, catering to the needs of programmers, game designers, and VFX artists.

Diverse 3D Asset Creation Made Effortless

Embark on your 3D asset creation journey with Asset Bash Houdini Digital Assets. Regardless of your expertise level, you can now generate stunning buildings, props, commodities, and avatars with ease. Say goodbye to the steep learning curves of traditional 3D modeling software and embrace a seamless workflow within Unity’s Game Development platform or Unreal Engine.

Unity Game Development

Embrace Unity, a beloved game production platform, to create awe-inspiring metaverse solutions. Equipped with a robust editor, Unity empowers you to fashion stunning 3D VR components, supporting popular VR systems like Oculus. Take advantage of Unity’s direct VR mode (Head Mounted Display) to test and optimize your creations.

Unreal Engine 5

Enter the world of Unreal Engine 4, a worthy competitor to Unity 3D. Boasting sophisticated and realistic visuals, UI4 surpasses expectations with its real-time rendering capabilities. Marvel at the extensive VR platform support, catering to Oculus, Sony, Samsung, and more. Unreal Engine 4 accompanies its features with comprehensive documentation, making it a go-to choice for creators.

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Discover the Asset Bash 3D Buildings and 3D Architectural Detail generators. Our tools create a range of building types and architectural details.

Our Tools are designed to work with NVIDIA Omniverse by using Universal Scene Description

Step into the realm of real-time 3D design collaboration and virtual environment modeling with NVIDIA’s Omniverse. This cutting-edge platform empowers individual artists and creators, enabling them to unleash their creativity without any cost. Moreover, Omniverse goes beyond limitations by seamlessly merging distinct 3D design worlds into a unified and immersive virtual environment.

Creating Virtual Realms with Oculus Horizon Words

Harness the power of Horizon Worlds technology to craft your virtual environments with ease. This remarkable technology is compatible with both Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Rift S, ensuring a seamless and captivating experience for users.

Microsoft Mesh: Where Presence Meets Shared Experiences

Embrace the magic of Microsoft Mesh, a mixed reality platform that facilitates unparalleled presence and shared experiences, regardless of geographical distances. Engage with others through gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions, allowing your individuality to shine in the virtual world.

Revolutionary Hand Interactions with Meta’s Interaction SDK

Unleash your creativity with Meta’s Interaction SDK, a hand interaction framework that provides a wealth of robust and standardized controller and hand interactions, such as grasp and poke. The flexibility to support both hands and controllers makes this SDK a compelling choice, and the best part? It’s free!

Navigating Gestures and Interactions in Virtual Space

Navigating the complexities of hand interactions in a virtual environment can be challenging. However, with innovative products in the market, the journey becomes smoother, enhancing user experiences.

Power Up Your 3D Models For the Metaverse with the Asset Bash Houdini Digital Assets

What do we Need to Consider When We Create 3D Models for Unreal Engine with Houdini?

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